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Sabrina Wiggins is the founder and CEO of Little Aiden Press and the visionary behind Self Ink It™ Awards. She is also the former co-founder of Hip Hop Education a non-profit organization she founded with her brother in 2008, part of which was designed to empower youth through music and community service.  She has been working with children for over 15 years wants to make sure that African American children see images of characters that look like them while reading stories. 

She is the author of three self-published books Off To Washington (2018), When My Dad Went to The Hospital (2020), and Career Day, A Coloring, and Activity Book of careers for boys to explore (2021).  

The Creator and Visionary

Ajaezia (A-jay-zia) aka Aj is a young twenty-year-old who is still trying to figure out what career path she wants to take.  She currently works with students and their families in order to help them understand how to apply for financial aid for college. Aj loves children and enjoys spending as much time as possible with her four-year-old nephew. She likes reading to him, playing games with him, and teaching him how to write his alphabets and nmbers.


Program Administrator


Stefanie Magness is the founder of Legit My Biz. She has experience implementing strong business strategies, developing efficient systems and processes, and managing business operations. In 2019, she published her first book Business Hacks: 6 Tools for Success. She is currently working on her next release, Put Me in the Game.  

Director of Business Affairs

Ambera Brown is a business coach, marketing mentor, and brand strategist. Over the past sixteen years, she has applied her acute business acumen to sales, leadership, and operational excellence. Ambera has worked in an international capacity and gained extensive experience in overseas marketing and sales. She started her own business after working for another company for several years, and now she runs a successful business where she teaches new entrepreneurs how to brand and market their businesses.


Marketing Coordinator

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