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We are committed to making a positive impact in the lives and communities of underprivileged children. We know that many children don't have the financial means to purchase books or may not have access to books outside of school. We are here to make sure that teachers, social workers, hospitals, and mentoring programs have some diverse books that can be given to children in need of reading material.  

We would love to support everyone but our book program is for schools, social workers, foster homes, hospitals, and mentoring programs. If you are part of either one of these entities you may request books. We will do our best to fulfill each request but just know we can only send what we have on hand. These books are from African American authors some that you may have heard of but many that you probably have not. Each author would appreciate you just showing them some love on their social media or simply sending them an email telling them what you thought about the book. 

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